How we do it

The entire treatment process takes no more than six hours but it lasts a lifetime.

Proces 1

First of all, take one gleaming bare pick-up loadbay. The Navara’s C-Channel and cleat/eyelet-fi xing system has been removed.

Proces 2

The laborious masking-up process is essential to protect other bodywork, lights and windows from potential overspray.

Proces 3

To retain access to the tailgate handle, the access panel is removed and the innards masked. The panel is sprayed separately.

Proces 4

A rotary grinder with 80-grit paper is used to create a key for a better surface bond, with further keying done by hand.

Proces 5

Before spraying, a fi nal wipe-over with a degreasant and dust-inhibiting solvent further prepares the loadbay surface.

Proces 6

Wearing full protective gear, the spraygun operator can begin to apply the combination polyurethane liner coating.

Proces 7

It takes around 15 minutes to cover a loadbay. Drying takes just three seconds, though full curing time is 24 hours.

Proces 8

A depth gauge is used to measure uniform thickness of the coating, while checks are also made to avoid drips in the spray.

Proces 9

De-masking takes around 10 minutes. Wiretrim or ‘cheesewire’ tape leaves a clinically neat spray edge when removed.

Proces 10

Job done. The Navara’s C-Channel fi xing rail system is re-attached, and looks even neater contrasted against the spray-liner.

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